Approaching East-Central Europe over the Centuries

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Marija Wakounig, Ferdinand Kühnel (Eds.)

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Jahr 2019
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During the 1970s the todays Austrian Federal Ministry of
Education, Science and Research (Bundesministerium für
Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung, BMBWF) supported the
founding of the Center for Austrian Studies at the
University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and the Austrian
Chair at Stanford University in California. These foundings
were the initial incentives for the world wide ’spreading‘
of similar institutions; currently nine Centers for Austrian
and Central European Studies exist in seven states on three
continents. The funding of the Ministry enables to connect
senior with young scholars, to help the latter, to
participate and benefit from the scientific connection of
the former, as the Austrian say, `to sniff the scientific
air‘, and to get in touch with the respective national
scientific community, to avoid prejudices, and to spread a
better understanding and knowledge about Austria and Central

This volume contains the annual reports (2016/2017) of the
Center Director’s and the presented papers of their PhDs,
which discuss various topics on (East-)Central European
History from various perspectives and in different

Mag. Dr. Marija Wakounig, MAS, Professor at
the Institute of East European History, University of

Ferdinand Kühnel, Phd fellow at the Institute of East
European History, University of Vienna.