Doctors Disciplined

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Jakob Schneider

Socio-Economic Effects of Insurance Guidelines on General Practitioners in Austria

ISBN 978-3-643-91196-4
Band-Nr. 25
Jahr 2020
Seiten 272
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„Doctors Disciplined“ examines how Austrian
office-based public general practitioners (GPs) are affected
by the administrative governance of Austria’s public health

The introduction of electronic medical records (EMRs) has
resulted in unprecedented changes for GPs‘ interactions
with the insurance, patients, and peers. This book draws on
concepts of disciplinary power and McDonaldization to shows
that working with EMRs creates unique capacities for
monitoring GPs‘ daily activities. These capacities affect
the traditional freelance character of the profession

Dr. Jakob Schneider holds degrees from Brown
University and the University of Vienna. He has previously
worked in finance and strategy consulting.