Ethics of Resilience

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Robert Petkovsek, Bojan Zalec (Eds.)

Vulnerability and Survival in Times of Pandemics and Global Uncertainty

ISBN 978-3-643-91211-4
Band-Nr. 29
Jahr 2022
Seiten 260
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Reihe Theology East – West: European Perspectives / Theologie Ost – West: Europäische Perspektiven


Resilience is one of the hottest terms in the modern humanities, social sciences and beyond. The reason for this is the current situation at various levels, from ecological, health, economical to political, which requires the formation of resilience from individuals, communities, countries, institutions and humanity as a whole. The term resilience refers to a new realistic paradigm in tackling the challenges required by the modern world, in which changes are happening faster and faster and are becoming less transparent and predictable. Therefore, the paradigm of stability and protection against disturbances is no longer realistic and has been replaced by the paradigm of resilience. People, natural and social systems can no longer be protected from ruptures, but must become as resilient as possible. This, in turn, raises a number of issues involving ethical questions and challenges for religions. This book addresses these issues in a holistic and interdisciplinary way that fits the multifaceted nature of resilience.

Robert Petkovšek is Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.

Professor Bojan Žalec is The Head of the Institute of Philosophy and Social Ethics at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.