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Doris Friedrich, Markus Hirnsperger, Stefan Bauer (Eds.)

Research on Infrastructure and Settlements in the North

ISBN 978-3-643-91218-3
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2022
Seiten 344
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The Arctic is often associated with pristine
wilderness, natural resources, and climate change. Yet
settlements and infrastructure, which have received less
attention, play a significant role in Arctic environments.
Extractive industries, military activities, and scientific
undertakings have driven the expansion of infrastructures.
This book presents current research on Northern towns and
Arctic and Subarctic infrastructure. It examines historical
developments, the shaping of environments, sustainability,
future planning, and associated living conditions, mainly
from a social science perspective.

Doris Friedrich is a Senior Fellow at the
Arctic Institute and a PhD student at the University of
Vienna, focusing on Arctic human-environment relations.

Markus Hirnsperger holds an MA and PhD in Social and
Cultural Anthropology and Slavic Studies. His research
interests include history and nationalism.

Stefan Bauer works as storage manager at the Weltmuseum
Wien. His research (MA) focused on Indigenous minorities in
Russia (culture, economy, and politics).