Politics of Ethnic Accommodation

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Lenhard Hamza

Decentralization, Local Governance, and Minorities in Kosovo

ISBN 978-3-643-91225-1
Band-Nr. 226
Jahr 2022
Seiten 340
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Reihe Politikwissenschaft

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This book uses a unique and innovative way to show the
benefits and perils of decentralization as a mechanism to
solve internal ethnic conflicts. It explores how
administrative, fiscal, and political dimensions of
decentralization have affected the process of ethnic
minorities‘ accommodation in Kosovo. It provides analysis
and answers on how decentralization has reduced the chances
of a conflict. It also critically examines the impact of the
agreement for establishing the Association of Serb Majority
Municipalities on decentralization and the overall
governance system of Kosovo.

Lenhard Hamza is an independent political
scientist engaged in international development cooperation.
He uses his fieldwork to research and create new ways of
thinking on Decentralization and Local Governance in theory
and practice.