Transcultural Automatisms

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Almir Ibrić

Philosophy – Competence – Methods

ISBN 978-3-643-91242-8
Band-Nr. 71
Jahr 2023
Seiten 112
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Reihe Kulturwissenschaft / Cultural Studies / Estudios Culturales / Études Culturelles


For the first time, the concept of transcultural automatism is introduced in the discussion on transculturality. This concept is intended to pave the way for the acquisition of transcultural competence and to engage with transcultural philosophy. The aim of the book is to achieve person- and situation-specific communication and action confidence in everyday life, professionally as well as privately, or to optimize already existing skills.

Dr. Almir Ibrić is a philosopher and author from Vienna. He teaches in the fields of philosophy, religion and social sciences as well as integration and diversity management.