Hidden Galleries

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James A. Kapaló, Tatiana Vagramenko (Eds.)

Material Religion in the Secret Police Archives in Central and Eastern Europe

ISBN 978-3-643-91263-3
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2020
Seiten 108
Bindung broschiert
Reihe Anthropology of Religion. Religionsethnologie


In a series of richly illustrated short essays,
Hidden Galleries presents the ways in which the
secret police of the communist-era and before collected and
curated material religious images and objects in their
archives. Based on painstaking documentation by a team of
eight historians, anthropologists and scholars of religion
in archives in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, this
volume offers a rare window on the creativity of underground
religious life, and its ideological representation as well
as exploring the significance for religious communities and
wider society today of this legacy of repression and

James Kapaló is senior lecturer in the
Study of Religions at University College Cork, Ireland and
co-director of the Marginalized and Endangered Worldviews
Study Centre (MEWSC).

Tatiana Vagramenko is an anthropologist and a postdoctoral
researcher at University College Cork, Ireland and a George
F. Kennan Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center
for Scholars, Washington, DC.