Biological Inf(l)ections of the American Dream

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Ariane Schröder

Contagious Disease and Narrative Containment in U.S. American Literature and Culture

ISBN 978-3-643-91274-9
Band-Nr. 40
Jahr 2020
Seiten 312
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Reihe Anglistik/ Amerikanistik

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This book offers a cultural studies pathway into the
analysis of contagious disease and epidemic events. It aims
to unsettle the clear distinction between the biological and
cultural understanding of contagion by exploring how
epidemics unfold in medical and literary narratives. The
United States of America form the vantage point of this
study as it highlights how American exceptionalism and
national identity are indelibly tied to the issue of health
and disease containment, both as a promise and prerequisite
for belonging and participation. This work provides a
chronology of crisis moments that is neither comprehensive
nor exhaustive but looks at specific nodal points in U.S.
history in order to uncover meaningful connections between
key themes of American Studies and our shifting
understanding of contagion.

Ariane Schröder is a research assistant and
lecturer at the American Studies Department of the
University of Potsdam, Germany.