‚Militant Islam‘ vs. ‚Islamic Militancy‘?

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Klaus Hock, Nina Käsehage (Eds.)

Religion, Violence, Category Formation and Applied Research. Contested Fields in the Discourses of Scholarship

ISBN 978-3-643-91275-6
Band-Nr. 20
Jahr 2020
Seiten 272
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Reihe Religionswissenschaft: Forschung und Wissenschaft

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Discourses on `radical Islam‘, on `Islamic extremism‘, or on `religious violence‘ in Islamic contexts are en vogue – in and beyond academia. But in view of the highly contested topic of political Islam, the challenge starts already with the preferred terminology. What actually are we talking about when we talk about `salafism‘, `jihadism‘, `Islamic terrorism‘, etc.?

This edited volume provides a collection of contributions that due to their respective academic cultures and disciplinary locations display a multifaceted variety of approaches to the research field and its subject.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hock is Head of the Department of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology at the University of Rostock. His research focus is on Christian-Muslim relations and transculturation.

Dr. Nina Käsehage is research fellow at the University of Rostock with a focus on Islamic radicalization. Currently, she is working on the religious socialization of children in the former Islamic State (IS).