American Public Figures Communicate Through Memoirs

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Heinz-Dietrich Fischer

Pulitzer Prize Winning Autobiographies

ISBN 978-3-643-91295-4
Band-Nr. 22
Jahr 2020
Seiten 198
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Reihe Pulitzer Prize Panorama


This volume presents significant phases in the life of
twelve American public figures, based on their Pulitzer
Prize-decorated autobiographical works. There are, for
example, memories of the Aviator Charles Lindbergh about the
final phases of his first nonstop Transatlantic flight to
Paris; Washington Post Publisher Katharine Graham tells the
dramatic story of the newspaper’s coverage of the Watergate
Affair; Statesman Dean Acheson reflects his feelings during
the early days of the Korean War; Novelist Norman Mailer
remembers of his participation at the Anti- Vietnam War
Demonstrations in Washington, D.C., while Diplomat George
Kennan describes his various activities in Postwar Germany.

Heinz-Dietrich Fischer, EdD, PhD, is
Professor Emeritus at the Ruhr University of Bochum,