Europe as a Common

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Walter Baier, Cornelia Hildebrandt, Franz Kronreif, Luisa Sello (Eds.)

Exploring Transversal Social Ethics. Volume I. Contributors: W. Baier, J. Baquero Maldonado, L. Bekemans, M. Brie, B. Callebaut, L. Castellina, P.Coda, Pope Francis, C. Hildebrandt, F. Kronreif, A. Lo Presti, M. Löwy, A. Mokrani, J.M. Pureza, P. Steinmair-Pösel, T. Stuke, S. Syropoulos, P. Tóth, A.V. Zani

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Jahr 2020
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To cope with the problems of today’s world, we need to enter into a dialogue regardless of political, religious and philosophical beliefs – a transversal dialogue as Pope Francis called for in the private audience, he gave to Alexis Tsipras, Walter Baier and Franz Kronreif in September 2014. This conversation resulted in the DIALOP initiative – a transversal dialogue between Socialists and Christians. Since then, a network of universities and NGOs have been exploring paths of what they call a transversal social ethics. In this book authors from Austria, Belgium, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and the Vatican air their views on topics like social equality, European Unity, democracy, the commons and ecology.

The editors are the steering committee of the initiative DIALOP – transversal dialogue project.

Walter Baier, * 1954, economist, until 2006 chairman of the KPOe (Austrian Communist Party) and since then head of transform!europe – European network for alternative thinking and political dialogue;

Cornelia Hildebrandt, philosopher; vice director and consultant for parties and social movements at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation in Berlin; board member of transform!europe.

Franz Kronreif, * 1951, architect, urban planner, and theologian, responsible for dialogue with non-religious people, in the Focolare Movement until 2014,

Luisa Sello, * 1953, psychologist and theologian, marketing and communication officer in health care, collaborator of the ecumenical initiative Together for Europe until 2017.