Health and Happiness of Political Bodies

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Hans-Martin Sass

Biocultures, Businesses, Biopolitics

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Jahr 2020
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In 1926, the German pastor Fritz Jahr in Halle coined the
term `Bioethik‘ and defined a `Bio-Ethical Imperative:
Respect every living being as an end in itself and treat it,
if possible, as such‘. Bioethics since then has grown from
medical ethics and social and political strategies to
multidisciplinary and integrated disciplines of research and
consulting. In 2020, reflecting and mediating the
interactive and integrated ecosystems and interactive
networks in biology, society, business, technology and
communication, I submit a wider integrated biocultural,
corporate and political `Bio-Cultural Imperative: Support
direct human inter-action and common-sense as an end in
itself and use hardware and software tools only in
stabilizing healthy and happy cultures in the bodies of
ecologies, corporations and politics‘.

In 1969 a human walked on the moon, in 1989 the Berlin Wall
fell down, in 2001 the World Trade Center in New York fell
down, in 2020 a global Corona pandemic fell down on people
and communities. Biological, political and corporate bodies
change, and we change with them and in them: `tempora mutantur
et nos mutamur in illis‘.

(Hans Martin Sass, preface)

Hans-Martin Sass (* 1935 in Hagen /Germany)
now lives in Reston, Virginia. He holds faculty positions in
philosophy and bioethics at Ruhr University, Bochum, FRG
(since 1966), and Georgetown University, Washington DC
(since 1980); Honorary Professor at Renmin University (1985)
and Peking Union Medical College (2001) in Beijing PRC. 100+
separate publications, 250+ journal articles, 300+ invited