People of South Omo

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Adolf Ellegard Jensen

Translation of the German publication Altvölker Süd-Äthiopiens (1959)

ISBN 978-3-643-91316-6
Band-Nr. 6
Jahr 2020
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Reihe Southern Ethiopian Studies at the Frobenius Institute


„People of South Omo“ is an amended and translated edition
of the German publication „Altvölker Süd-Äthiopiens“
from 1959. The book contains the results of the research
expedition 1950 – 52 to Ethiopia. It focuses on the
northern part of today’s South Omo region with ethnographic
descriptions of the Aari, Banna, Bodi, Dime, Hamar, Maale
and Tsamai.

Adolf Ellegard Jensen (1899 – 1965) was
director of the Anthropological Museum in Frankfurt and hold
a full professorship at the Institute for Social
Anthropology at Goethe University Frankfurt and the
directorship of the Frobenius Institute (1946 – 65).