Essays on Theology and Religious Studies

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Johan Temmerman, Arjan Knop (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-643-91324-1
Band-Nr. 20
Jahr 2020
Seiten 208
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Reihe Analecta Bruxellensia

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The annual collection of scientific articles of the Brussels
Theological Faculty partly covers all current research
areas. Theology and the study of religion are under pressure
from increasing polarization and radicalization. The Faculty
of Theology in Brussels has both feet firmly planted on the
world stage and offers a number of articles on topical
themes in this volume. In this volume, which is an
anniversary issue since we face the 20 the volume, we pay
attention to current themes such as decolonization and
theology, as well as to cultural-historical movements and
trends. In an annual collection of scholarly articles from a
Protestant Theological Faculty, fundamental research of the
Bible should not be missing. Anyone interested in biblical
sciences can also take advantage of this collection. We hope
to offer the reader insight and an engaging reading

Dr. J. Temmerman is dean of the Faculty. He
teaches Religious Studies and is specialized in the
Philosophy of Religion and the dialogue between Science and

Drs. A. Knop is responsible for Biblical Studies and is
currently working on a doctorial dissertation. He is also
director of e-learning at FPTR.