Power in Reformed Polity

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Roy Alexander Surjanegara

The Articulation of Authority in Indonesian Reformed Churches

ISBN 978-3-643-91335-7
Band-Nr. 7
Jahr 2022
Seiten 370
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Reihe Church Polity and Ecumenism.

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In the framework of the international academic
dialogue on Reformed church polity this study focuses on the
way the notion of authority is articulated in the church
orders of three Indonesian churches with different
historical and missionary backgrounds. The analysis deals
with the main aspects of church polity that would articulate
power: identity, assembly, and ministry. It shows resonances
between the characteristic features of Reformed polity and
the cultural context of Indonesia. Authority can be
characterized as context-relevant, relational, and

Roy Alexander Surjanegara (1979), serves an
Indonesian congregation in Australia. He started his PhD
research in church polity in Amsterdam in 2012.