Reproduction in an African city today

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Rogers Hansine

Decisions, choices and opportunities in Maputo, Mozambique

ISBN 978-3-643-91343-2
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Jahr 2021
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Sub-Saharan Africa is considered the last region
in the world where women still give birth to presumably too
many children. However, within large cities such as Maputo,
the capital of Mozambique, the average number of children
per woman varies greatly. What is extraordinary, as this
book shows, is that childbearing is a social action.
Parenting allows one to consider different action
alternatives, or rather, opportunities to act. These actions
are not the same for everyone in different contexts. The
book highlights that macro level socio- demographic changes,
namely intraurban reproductive disparities are brought up by
micro level (individual) actions.

Rogers J. M. Hansine is lecturer and
researcher in the Geography department of the Eduardo
Mondlane University in the city of Maputo, Mozambique.