Public Theology in Korea?

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Minseok Kim

Rereading John Calvin

ISBN 978-3-643-91348-7
Band-Nr. 13
Jahr 2021
Seiten 372
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Reihe Theology in the Public Square/Theologie in der Öffentlichkeit


Public Theology is one of the most important topics in the
field of theology across the world but not in Korea. There
are several historical and theological reasons for this
indifference of Korean Reformed Christianity as the
mainstream in Korea. In order to dispel doubts of Korean
Reformed Christianity to the public theological approaches
it is necessary to demonstrates a coherence between some
characteristics of public theology and Reformed theology.
 This study analyses and utilises the six characteristics of
public theology presented by Heinrich Bedford-Strohm as a
lens to engage aspects of John Calvin’s theology and the
period of the Reformation in Geneva. Based on this work, the
author re-examines the history of Korean Christianity with a
public theological point of view and asserts the
justification for Korean Reformed Christianity to actively
embrace public theological approaches.

Minseok Kim is a Research Fellow at the
Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology and
Researcher at the Beyers Naudé Centre for Public Theology
at University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.