From the Conquest of the Desert to Sustainable Development

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Ilanit Ben-Dor Derimian

The representation of the Negev in public discourse in Israel

ISBN 978-3-643-91390-6
Band-Nr. 5
Jahr 2021
Seiten 274
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Reihe Hebrew Literature in Dialogue / Littérature hébraique en dialogue / Hebräische Literatur


The Negev desert occupies most of the territory of Israel.
It has a strategic importance for the existence of the
center of the country and at the same time is considered as
a natural wild periphery. Since the 1920s, there was a
tendency to conquer and flourish the desert, while since the
1980s, the ecological values gained importance.

This manuscript reveals the relationship between man and his
environment, employing texts analysis according to the
ecocriticism approach. The study shows how as part of
globalization processes, the status of collectivism in
Israeli society was declined whereas the ability of social
groups to influence the spatial identity construction has

Dr. Ilanit Ben-Dor Derimian, lecturer
specialized in Israel and Jewish culture and history
studies, member of the Research Center of Foreign Cultures,
Languages and Literatures (CECILLE), University of Lille,