Judicial Control of Public Administration in Afghanistan

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Mirwais Ayobi

A Contextual Analysis

ISBN 978-3-643-91393-7
Band-Nr. 308
Jahr 2021
Seiten 282
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Judicial control of public administration is essential for the realisation of the rule of law and democracy. To date, there is virtually no effective judicial protection in Afghanistan. However, a study of Afghan legal history suggests that the country has certain – currently underdeveloped – institutions that could be used as the basis for the creation of judicial control. Based on a historical study, the book elaborates the pluralist legal culture of Afghanistan, rooted in tribal and Islamic legal conceptions alongside a State legal system. The author proposes practical solutions for the development of judicial control of public administration in Afghanistan.

Dr. Mirwais Ayobi has more than a decade of experience as an assistant professor of law and political science in Afghanistan. His work focuses on administrative law, constitutional law, public administration and judicial review.