The Human Thinking System User’s Manual

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Olek Netzer

A guide to proper use of thinking operations when it matters

ISBN 978-3-643-91402-6
Band-Nr. 64
Jahr 2021
Seiten 174
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Reihe Psychologie

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Building on the time-tested, reality-based
discipline of general semantics, Olek Netzer provides a
guide for clear and critical thinking, a guide for the
perplexed that steers individuals in the direction of
enhanced rationality and improved evaluation of our
experiences, environments, and ourselves. His concern is
with both our psychological well being and our societal
health, as he addresses interpersonal relations as well as
political persuasion and propaganda, drawing on some of the
most important thinkers of the past century

Lance Strate, President of the Institute of General
Semantics, Professor of Communication and Media Studies at
Fordham University.

Olek Netzer is an independent researcher in
Political Psychology and a political activist residing in
Tel Aviv, Israel.