Tombs and Transnational History in Greater China

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Gotelind Müller

A collection of case studies

ISBN 978-3-643-91422-4
Band-Nr. 11
Jahr 2022
Seiten 360
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Reihe Asien: Forschung und Wissenschaft/LIT Studies on Asia


This collection of case studies is concerned with tombs that
testify to transnational history. Special attention is given
to tombs of Westerners and Russians still extant in Greater
China, but also to those of some noted Chinese who were
involved in transnational history during the 20th century.
Tombs have a special potential to cast familiar things in a
new light. They also provide the possibility to
counter-check received narratives which might have been
tailored along certain vested interests and circulated with
specific target groups in mind.

Gotelind Müller is Professor of Chinese
Studies at the University of Heidelberg.