Home Grown Initiatives and Nation Building in Africa

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Tharcisse Gatwa, Deo Mbonyinkebe (Eds.)

The Dynamic of Social and Cultural Heritages in Rwanda

ISBN 978-3-643-91423-1
Band-Nr. 123
Jahr 2022
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The book describes a number of Rwandan post-genocide
initiatives aiming at developing a common sense of identity
in the population and addressing social, cultural and
economic issues. This proactive approach indicates the will
of the Rwandan government with the cooperation of social
actors to resort to traditional – and in some cases
precolonial – cultural practices to resolve the problems of
nation-building. The essays are well documented; many of
them based on empirical studies.

Philippe Denis, Professor of History of
Christianity, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Today Rwanda is widely acclaimed as a success story and a
model for post-conflict reconstruction. And yet, Rwanda has
not finished to surprise. This publication focuses on a
specific home-grown solution, whether it be Gacaca, Ndi
Umunyarwanda, Agakiriro and more. Rwanda tells its story,
its experience in overcoming apparently unsurmountable
challenges. The book will serve as an essential reference
for any future and deeper analyses of these solutions.

Joseph Gafaranga, Professor in linguistics,
University of Edinburgh, UK.

Tharcisse Gatwa is Research professor of
Ethics and consultant for research and publications at the
Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sicences [PIASS],
Butare, Rwanda.

Deo Mbonyinkebe is Social and cultural anthropologist in
Rwanda. He is currently focusing on peace building; social
programs and inclusion.