Liddell Hart and the Weight of Criticism

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Lutz Unterseher

Military Theorist in the Crosshairs. With an Introduction by Charles Knight

ISBN 978-3-643-91437-8
Band-Nr. 14
Jahr 2023
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Reihe Militärgeschichte/Military History

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This study is dedicated to the person and work of Basil Henry Liddell Hart, once considered the world’s most distinguished military historian and theorist. The focus is on the systematic criticism voiced of his thinking and activities by scholars on both sides of the Atlantic: critical positions that – to a considerable extent – have seriously damaged Liddell Hart’s reputation. By drawing on general military theory as well as biographical details, Unterseher succeeds in rendering the theorist’s concepts better understandable, in relevant cases even justifying them.

Charles Knight, Research Associate and Emeritus Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy, Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, MA.

Lutz Unterseher is a sociologist and political scientist. He has been Chairman of the International Study Group on Alternative Security Policy (SAS).