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Mairéad Nic Craith, Katerina Strani, Alastair Mackie (Eds.)

Explorations of Place and Belonging. A ‚Feast-Script‘ in Honour of Ullrich Kockel

ISBN 978-3-643-91443-9
Band-Nr. 31
Jahr 2024
Seiten 328
Bindung broschiert
Reihe Ethnologie: Forschung und Wissenschaft


An integrative Heimatkunde – defined as the holistic study of localities and regions – has been a core interest in Ullrich (aka Ulli) Kockel’s research since he first graduated with a double primary in 1984. Frequently described as an interdisciplinary – and sometimes undisciplined – academic, his research draws liberally on art, geography, human ecology, philosophical anthropology, political economy, and social anthropology, with its primary focus located in the field of Empirical Cultural Science / European ethnology. The contributions to this collection celebrate Ulli’s explorations of place and belonging at different junctures on his quest for Heimatkunde. Laid out in four thematic sections – Borders, Regions and Frontiers; Human Ecology; Creative Ethnology; and, Memories – they feature creative work along with research essays. Given Ulli’s love of cooking and food, we describe our offering as a ‘feast-script’.

Mairéad Nic Craith is Professor of Public Folklore at the Institute for Northern Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland.

Katerina Strani is Associate Professor in Languages and Intercultural Studies at the Intercultural Research Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

Alastair Mackie is a visiting scholar at the Institute of Cultural Sciences, University of Jena, Germany.