Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen 1844-1863

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Mary Finbarr Coffey

A Theological Study in Identity and Memory of a Contested Founding Event

ISBN 978-3-643-91468-2
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Jahr 2021
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Reihe Theologie des geistlichen Lebens

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While building on a comprehensive reading of available archival sources in the Menzingen Religious Institute,
this work provides a greater understanding of the possibilities and the difficulties of a return textit{ad fontes}
in the Church and in religious life. It discloses that a struggle for a founding inspiration is a struggle for
the memory. The theoretical framework which has been constructed from scriptural sources in this study, is likely
to be of use in a theological interpretation of any Christian founding event.

Sr. M. Finbarr Coffey is a teacher in Philosophy and Ethics at the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, London.
She is also the author of:
The Question of Relativism: an Essay in Epistemology. New Millennium, London,