Psychotrauma: When the I Shatters …

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Claudia Mariéle Wulf

Insights for Victims and their Accompaniers. Translation: Mary Cole

ISBN 978-3-643-91493-4
Band-Nr. 66
Jahr 2021
Seiten 238
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Reihe Psychologie

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Traumatizing events can break a person. However, a series of small but inevitable pinpricks, lovelessness and ambivalent relationships can also ruin a person.  A traumatic event touches and invades a person unspeakably deeply. 

This book attempts to put into words the psychic abyss of trauma, which the victim experiences, and helps to detect and understand possible traumatization. It wants to encourage traumatized people and their counsellors to choose the path of small steps out of the trauma. In this way, previously traumatized people can rediscover their dignity. The path leads from an existence dictated by the outside world to a self-determined life.

  Claudia Mariéle Wulf studied educational science, psychology, philosophy and theology. She is the Chair of Moral Theology and Christian Ethics at the School of Catholic Theology of Tilburg University in the Netherlands and works as a pastoral-therapeutic caregiver in St. Gallen, Switzerland.