Hope and Trust in Times of Global Despair and Mistrust

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Robert Petkovšek, Bojan Žalec (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-643-91506-1
Band-Nr. 31
Jahr 2023
Seiten 242
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Reihe Theology East – West: European Perspectives / Theologie Ost – West: Europäische Perspektiven


Hope and trust are key problems of the present world and should therefore be at the centre of interest of science and society. Climate change, pandemics, dangerous global and social polarization, people’s distrust of politics and institutions, social isolation and the rise of mental problems in developed countries of material prosperity are problems that we will only be able to cope with if we know how to cultivate hope and trust. The authors deal with them from various aspects of the humanities: philosophy, theology, religious studies, intellectual history, cognitive science, psychology and psychotherapy. This gives the book an interdisciplinary character.

Robert Petkovšek is Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.
Professor Bojan Žalec is the Head of the Institute of Philosophy and Social Ethics at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.