Ukraine – Option for a Confidence-Building Defence

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Lutz Unterseher

Basics and Programme

ISBN 978-3-643-91588-7
Band-Nr. 233
Jahr 2024
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Reihe Politikwissenschaft

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If Ukraine survives the war as a viable entity, its security will remain precarious. This makes it important to work on a solution for the military protection of Ukraine that does not exacerbate the situation, but contributes to easing tensions, is militarily credible and does not place an unacceptable burden on the country’s scarce resources.

This volume analyses the parties to the conflict and traces the course of the war. Against this background, a proposal for a Confidence-Building Defence is outlined in considerable detail: including intellectual and historical roots, as well as a discussion of organisational and technological feasibity.

The study is intended as a stimulus for all those concerned with the future military security of Ukraine.

Lutz Unterseher is a sociologist and political scientist. As the long-standing director of the Study group on Alternative Security policy (SAS), he originated the concept of Confidence-Building Defence.