Interchurch Marriages in Nigeria

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Josephat Ndubisi Obodo

Challenges in the Way of Forming Ecumenical Relationships

ISBN 978-3-643-91630-3
Band-Nr. 54
Jahr 2023
Seiten 590
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Reihe Ökumenische Studien / Ecumenical Studies

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This Work offers a groundbreaking theological exploration of interchurch marriages among Christians from different denominations. Based on extensive research, it delves into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by couples navigating relationships between Christian churches. Josephat Obodo argues that interchurch marriages hold immense potential for fostering unity and ecumenical dialogues in Nigeria. Examining baptism and shared Eucharist, this book urges church leaders to embrace these marriages as a bridge-building opportunity. With thought-provoking analysis and compassion, the author encourages reflection on the theological implications of interchurch marriages and their impact on the ecumenical movement. Offering practical insights, guidance, and wisdom, this book equips individuals and church communities to overcome challenges and celebrate the blessings of interdenominational ecumenical marriages.

‚Interchurch Marriages in Nigeria‘ is essential for priests, pastors, theologians, counselors, and anyone interested in promoting unity and ecumenical cooperation within the Christian community.

Josephat Ndubisi Obodo, a theologian fostering interdenominational dialogue and unity. Ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 2007, he serves as a Chaplain in the KSHG Münster, Germany.