Pilgrimage into God

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Sicco Claus

A Study of John Main’s Meditation-Oriented Spirituality

ISBN 978-3-643-91631-0
Band-Nr. 9
Jahr 2023
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Reihe Theologie des geistlichen Lebens

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Pilgrimage into God: A Study of John Main’s
Meditation-Oriented Spirituality is a comprehensive
investigation of the heritage of the Benedictine monk John
Main (1926 – 1982). This founder of a worldwide movement
for Christian meditation understands meditation as an
intentional transcending of all mental processes. Contrary
to popular opinion, which associates meditation uniquely
with Eastern traditions, Main considers meditative practice
to be essential and central to Christian faith. This study
not only explores Main’s views on practise, but also looks
into his theology, his understanding of spiritual growth and
the (ideal) contexts for achieving such growth. It does this
by critically situating Main’s spiritual teaching within the
Christian tradition and exploring its relation to Charles
Taylor’s interpretation of the modern spiritual condition.
This study also aims at exploring how Main’s heritage may
contribute to illuminating Christian spiritual life today.

Sicco Claus studied theology and philosophy. He currently works as
religion and philosophy teacher at Gymnasium Haganum, The
Hague, is a meditator, and member of the World Community for
Christian Meditation.