The German Occupation Rule on Crete 1941-1945

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Marlen von Xylander

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Jahr 2023
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In contrast to the Greek mainland, the Nazis occupied most of Crete between
1941 – 45. After the German troops‘ defeat in North Africa, Crete was
turned into a fortress.

This study examines the goals, methods and effectiveness of the German
occupation policy, the reactions of the Cretan administration and of the
population in particular, and also describes the opponents‘ combat

The study is based not only on written papers, documents and files of
Greek, Cretan, British and German origin, but also on letters, manuscripts,
expos’es and interviews by and with contemporary witnesses.

Marlen von Xylander,
Studies in History, Ethnology and Literature at Hamburg University;
Master’s degree, 1987; academic tenure at University of Crete, 1984 – 85;
PhD at Hamburg University, 2009