Limitations of Religious Freedom

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On Stereotypes, Prejudice and Social Discrimination. 21. Jahrgang (2020), Heft 1+2

ISBN 978-3-643-99719-7
Jahr 2021
Seiten 198
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Reihe Religion – Staat – Gesellschaft. Zeitschrift für Glaubensformen und Weltanschauungen/


Essays presented in this volume discuss

`Othering‘: A Necessary but Dangerous Practice; Stages of
religious oppression;

Apologists of Anti-Pluralism;

The Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses About Alleged
Sexual Abuse in Belgium;

Discrimination and Criminalization of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Through Generalized State Disinformation;

The Use of Anti Terrorism Laws to Repress Minority Beliefs;

From the French debate on `separatism‘ to the renewal of

Regulatory Restraints on Religious Freedom in the USA;

Sharing Beliefs in Nepal.