Freedom of Religion or Belief. Anti-Sect Movements and State Neutrality

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A Case Study: FECRIS. 13. Jahrgang (2012), Heft 2

ISBN 978-3-643-99864-4
Jahr 2012
Seiten 224
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Reihe Religion – Staat – Gesellschaft. Zeitschrift für Glaubensformen und Weltanschauungen/


FECRIS unites 25 European organizations to fight against minorities of religion or beliefs that they label as „sects“. This study focuses on the FECRIS member associations in five European countries: France, the cradle of laïcité; Austria and Germany, where public powers and dominant churches lead a common struggle against „sects“; and Serbia and Russia, two Orthodox countries in which FECRIS member associations include Orthodox missionary departments. Can their activities be reconciled with the public funding granted to FECRIS and its affiliates as well as the international standards to guarantee freedom of religion and belief? This is the question addressed in this study