Taiwanese Identity from Domestic, Regional and Global Perspectives

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Jens Damm, Gunter Schubert (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-0431-2
Band-Nr. 32
Jahr 2007
Seiten 184
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Reihe Berliner China-Hefte – Chinese History and Society

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The tension between Taiwan’s globalization and its ongoing identity
formation is clearly visible in the economic, political and societal
spheres of the island republic. Against this background, the authors of
this volume deal with the following questions: To what extent has Taiwan
become part of the Greater China region and – in that sense – a part of
„China“? How successful have Taiwan’s endeavors been to escape „China“,
assert its own identity and communicate this to the international
community? How does Taiwanese identity connect to its integration within
„Greater China“ and beyond, that is, to its being part of a gobalized
(transnational) world?

The varied focus and range of the papers in this volume show that
politically, the result of the debate on Taiwan’s (national) identity is
undecided; economically, however, Taiwan has become part of a Greater
China region and cross-Strait integration would thus seem to be