Ecumenics from the Rim

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John O’Grady, Peter Scherle (Eds.)

Explorations in Honour of John D’Arcy May

ISBN 978-3-8258-0637-8
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2007
Seiten 512
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Reihe Theology, Ethics and Interreligious Relations.

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John D’Arcy May’s achievements motivate these essays on ecumenics. Amid
today’s scepticism about the ecumenical movement’s relevance, the authors
demonstrate the necessity of working together for the betterment of all.
This book deepens our understanding of how theology, peace and
reconciliation studies and interfaith dialogue critically cooperate for the
flourishing of earth’s life. The perspective of church unity amid ecclesial
division is broadened to embrace interfaith and intercultural issues:
ecumenics becomes visible as the intellectual paradigm of our times.