The Impact of Ageing

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Gabriele Sinigoj, Gavin Jones, Katsuiku Hirokawa, Sepp Linhart (Eds.)

A Common Challenge for Europe and Asia

ISBN 978-3-8258-0713-9
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2007
Seiten 416
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Reihe Austria: Forschung und Wissenschaft – Kultur

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In a rare European-Asian interdisciplinary cross section world renowned
experts present their riveting findings on the „Impact of Ageing“.They
draw our attention to the latest findings and data in demography, economy
and society, law and social welfare, as well as biomedicine. Unique is
their description of both mutuality and divergence in the progress of
ageing in European and Asian population trends that will transform the
world in fundamental ways by 2050.

Demographic data provide us with important insights into the ratio of
„young-old“ to „old-old“; we are drawn to the economic challenges of this
„silver generation“ and learn about a new agenda of age-friendly
employment policies; we enlarge our knowledge on the health status of the
elderly and become insiders to the biomedical leap progress in restoring
our impaired immune system, all to retard ageing and elongate our

Gabriele Sinigoj is a researcher in diplomatic history with former
affiliations to the Departments of East Asian Studies, Political Science
and Contemporary History at the University of Vienna in Austria. She has
taught and lectured in the USA, Latin America, South,-and Southeast Asia.
Her research focuses on the USA, Western Europe, India, and parts of
Southeast,-and East Asia.