Secularization Theories, Religious Identity and Practical Theology

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Wilhelm Gräb, Lars Charbonnier (Eds.)

Developing International Practical Theology for the 21st Century. International Academy of Practical Theology Berlin 2007

ISBN 978-3-8258-0798-6
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Jahr 2009
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Reihe International Practical Theology

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This volume represents the proceedings of the 2007 meeting of the
International Academy of Practical Theology, which was held in Berlin
(GER) on the theme of „secularization theories, religious identity and
practical theology“. This volume offers a wide variety of perspectives on
the relationship between (practical) theology and sociology, psychology,
education and culture, featuring papers from some of the world’s leading
practical theologians. They include subjects as „creating space within the
dynamics of interculturality: the impact of religious and cultural
transformations in post-apartheid South Africa“, „redefining children’s
spirituality“, „educating for religious identity in a secularizing
and „Europe – a post-secular society“. In this diversity of subjects, the
common trend in international practical theological research regarding
theories on secularization and religious identity in the globalized world
is represented in this volume. Therefore, this book will be of interest not
only to theological educators and students, but also to all those
interested in the analysis of religion in its various phenomena at the
beginning of the 21st century.

Wilhelm Gräb is professor of Practical Theology and director of the
Institute for Sociology of Religion at Humboldt-University to Berlin.
Lars Charbonnier is scientific assistant of the Institute for Sociology of
Religion / Seminary for Practical Theology at Humboldt-University to