Political Practices and International Order

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Stefan Heuser, Hans G. Ulrich (Eds.)

Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Societas Ethica, Oxford 2006

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International order is one of the most challenging issues in political
ethics today, and its place within the multifaceted fleld of politics is
frequently debated. The diverse phenomena resulting from
`globalisation‘ – particularly in the wake of the end of the so-called
Cold War – urge us to think about our `world‘ in terms of a single
political entity. Besides the existing international institutions,
however, it is still open to question what this entity should be and what
concrete political practices should correspond to it. In the essays
coUected in this book, political scientists, sociologists, philosophers,
theologians and policy advisors explore how political practices can be
institutionally localised without necessarily becoming incorporated into
structures of governance. Political ethics, as presented in this book,
seeks to address the particular practices of power, justice, and peace of
Citizens themselves, and to assess their relevance for the shaping of
international institutions.