The Long Way Home

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Christina Bützer

Contemplations of Southern Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

ISBN 978-3-8258-0992-8
Band-Nr. 98
Jahr 2007
Seiten 160
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Following the signature of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the
governments of Northern and Southern Sudan, peace has officially been
concluded. But does that necessarily mean that refugees want to return to
their home country? How do they determine their decisions and what do they
expect from the post-conflict era? Based on extended field research in the
Rhino Camp Settlement in Northern Uganda and in the town of Yei in
Southern Sudan these questions are being addressed. The focus is on the
individuality of each refugee while, at the same time, official responses
and policies are being considered and challenged.

Christina Bützer holds a degree in Sociology and is a
doctoral candidate at the Free University of Berlin. Her current research
is concerned with the reintegration of refugees and IDPs into the local
society in Southern Sudan.