Representing Religious Pluralization in Early Modern Europe

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Andreas Höfele, Stephan Laqué, Enno Ruge, Gabriela Schmidt (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-1046-7
Band-Nr. 12
Jahr 2007
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The title of this volume indicates more than a referential
relationship: Representing Religious
Pluralization entails not just the various ways
in which the historical processes of pluralization were reflected in texts
and other cultural artefacts, but also, crucially, the cultural work that
spawned these processes. Reflecting, driving, shaping and subverting
religious systems, representation becomes a divisive force in Reformation
Europe as religious pluralization erupts in a contest over how to
conceive, to symbolize and to perform religious belief. The essays in this
book offer a broad range of perspectives on the pluralizing effects of
cultural representation as well as on the various attempts at containing