New Technologies, Networks and Governance Structures

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Aloys Prinz, Albert E. Steenge, Nina Isegrei (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8258-1221-8
Band-Nr. 24
Jahr 2009
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This volume contains a selection of papers on new technologies, networks
and governance structures presented at the Rothenberge Seminar 2007, a
joint venture of the School of Management and Governance of the University
of Twente, the Institute of Public Economics of the Westfälische
Wilhelms-Universität Münster and the Faculty of Economics and Business of
the University of Groningen. Each paper explores a specific aspect of
newly emerging technologies. The contributions range from a discussion of
new conceptualizations of procuring knowledge to problems generated by
targeted governmental policies including weapons production, strategies in
adopting new technologies, regulation in environmental issues, the origin
of rail transport in the Prussian Rhine Province, and a discussion of the
work of the American-Canadian urban theorist Jane Jacobs.