Circles of Analysis

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Andrej Ule

Essays on Logic, Mind and Knowledge

ISBN 978-3-8258-1234-8
Band-Nr. 10
Jahr 2008
Seiten 328
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Reihe Philosophie im Kontext

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The book aims at the logical and conceptual analysis of philosophical
problems in the three main circles of philosophical thought: logic,
analysis of mind and knowledge. It presents several internal connections
between logical, practical and ethical reasoning on one side, and getting
individual and collective knowledge on the other side. The author connects
conceptual analysis, some modal logical arguments and some Wittgensteinian
motives in the analysis of vagueness, process logic, scepticism, practical
reasoning and getting individual and collective knowledge.

Andrej Ule is a professor for analytic philosophy and philosophy of
science at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.