Beer in Africa

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Steven Van Wolputte, Mattia Fumanti (Eds.)

Drinking spaces, states and selves

ISBN 978-3-8258-1257-7
Band-Nr. 36
Jahr 2010
Seiten 336
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Reihe Afrikanische Studien/African Studies

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This volume on beer in Africa focuses on the making and unmaking of self in the inchoate, dark, exalted and sometimes upsetting context of bars, shebeens and other formal and informal drinking occasions. Beer in Africa takes the production and consumption of fermented drinks as its point of entry to investigate how local actors deal with the ambivalent and the hazy, and how this ambiguity stands as the sine qua non of social life and daily practice. The book includes contributions by Gregor Dobler, Simon Heap, Mattia Fumanti, Sigrun Helmfrid, Detlev Krige, Patrick McAllister, Jonathan Roberts, Ute Röschenthaler & Steven Van Wolputte.