Fieldwork in Difficult Environments

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Caleb R.L. Wall, Peter P. Mollinga (Eds.)

Methodology as Boundary Work in Development Research

ISBN 978-3-8258-1282-9
Band-Nr. 7
Jahr 2008
Seiten 192
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Reihe ZEF Development Studies

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Fieldwork in difficult environments – Methodology as boundary
work in development research contains personal accounts of PhD
researchers on doing field research in politically and otherwise difficult
environments. The methodological flexibility required in development
research is discussed around four themes: cultural difference;
methodological style and the scale level; communication and interaction;
and political and ethical legitimacy. The volume argues that the choice
and deployment of methodology is an ongoing, reflexive process of
„boundary work“.

The editors

Caleb R.L. Wall graduated from ZEF with a PhD in 2006 and is a
freelance consultant who currently works in Kazakhstan, Russia and
increasingly in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Peter P. Mollinga is Senior Researcher „Natural Resources and Social
Dynamics“ at ZEF since 2004. He works on water, politics and
development, particularly in Asia.