Making Sense of Corruption in India

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Mira Fels

An Investigation into the Logic of Bribery

ISBN 978-3-8258-1384-0
Band-Nr. 64
Jahr 2008
Seiten 160
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Reihe Interethnische Beziehungen und Kulturwandel. Ethnologische Beiträge zu soziokultureller


Corruption, a major problem in the present, global world, is a very
complex phenomenon. It has economic, political and
ethical aspects and is simultaneously a global and a local issue. This
anthropological study shows how actors in Indian
society are entangled in hierarchical relations of social, economic and
political inequality that breed corruption, yet also
how resistance against corruption takes place in local context. By
exposing the complexity of corruption and also by
questioning apparently simple remedies, this rich study certainly
contributes to „making sense“ of corruption in India.

M.A. Mira Fels studied Social and Cultural Anthropology,
Religious Studies, Environmental Protection and Journalism at the
University of Hamburg. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. about Corporate
Social Responsibility.