Autonomy of Reason? Autonomie der Vernunft?

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Riccardo Dottori (Ed.)

Proceedings of the V Meeting Italian-American Philosophy

ISBN 978-3-8258-1477-9
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2009
Seiten 336
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Reihe The Dialogue/Das Gespräch/Il Dialogo

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This volume contains the Proceedings of the V Meeting Italian/American
Philosophy on the Theme „Autonomy of Reason?“ that took place in Rome from
the 16th to the 19th October 2007. Reason that is purely autonomous in
self-legislating is completely empty and impotent or incapable of
self-determination. Self-determination exists only in that realm of the
spirit that is not simply the realm of ends, but a historical society
based on reciprocal recognition that is established through law, and
finally freely self-determined only through acting in a state that has as
its last end the achievement of freedom.