Bringing down this house

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Patrick Odionikhere

ISBN 978-3-8258-1847-0
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2008
Seiten 176
Bindung broschiert
Reihe African Politics/Politiques Africaines/Afrikanische Politik


For freedom to have a meaning, it must come through the sacrifice of the
people. It is on this notion that the book narrates the journey of Nigeria
and its people from the colonial perspective; it highlights contemporary
realities with critical thoughts and gives an in-depth understanding of
power politics. The book is a thorough work on Nigeria’s historical and
political evolution since the inception of its self-rule, with special
appraisal on its political leaders. It provides insight on how Nigeria can
be re-shaped by a new definition of power. The author argues persuasively,
the road that should be taken by the people of Nigeria, in restoring the
meaning of citizenship.

Patrick Odionikhere works in a public institution as a legal adviser in
Austria. The drive for social justice is my motivation for engaging in
critical writing, which has now become my treasured hobby.