Legal and Institutional Framework for Empowerment of Rural Communities in the Kyrgyz Republic

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Asel Ibraimova

ISBN 978-3-8258-1853-1
Band-Nr. 53
Jahr 2009
Seiten 208
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Reihe Publications of the Institute of Federalism Fribourg Switzerland


This research assessed whether democratic decentralisation in Kyrgyzstan
has empowered rural communities and also focused on self-organisation
efforts that evolved in rural communities after independence. Seven case
study villages were studied and interviews with key informers were
conducted, including members of local governance bodies, organisations
introduced by development agencies, and organisations existing since
Soviet times. A literature review and an analysis of the Kyrgyz legislation
and government policies were carried out. A model was developed adapting
criteria for effectiveness of organisations to assess existing Kyrgyz
rural organisations and institutions.