Constructing the Kwanja of Adamawa (Cameroon)

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Quentin Gausset

Essay in Fractal Anthropology

ISBN 978-3-8258-1898-2
Band-Nr. 18
Jahr 2010
Seiten 312
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Reihe Ethnologie: Forschung und Wissenschaft

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The Kwanja are a small ethnic group of 10,000 people living in Adamawa,
Cameroon. The present monograph describes their bilineal kinship system,
political structures, oral history, moral economy, rituals, cosmologies
and world view. The book discusses the way the Kwanja construct themselves
as homogenous despite their astonishing cultural diversity (one can
distinguish at least nine different groups speaking different languages
and having a great variety of rituals), and how they construct themselves
as different from their neighbours despite the cultural traits that they
share in common. As the Fulbe dominate Adamawa economically and
politically, the impact that they have on the construction of Kwanja
society and identity is given prominent attention.

Quentin Gausset is currently Associate Professor at the Institute of
Anthropology, Copenhagen University. He spent over two years studying the
Kwanja and Wawa of Cameroon.