The Customary Law of the Akele Guzai Muslims [the Saho]

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Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad (Ed.)

Issued by the British Military Administration in 1943. Re-issued by the permission of the High Commissioner of the Eritrean National Police, Department of Criminal Research. Translated and edited by Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad

ISBN 978-3-8258-1980-4
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Jahr 2009
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Reihe Recht und Politik in Afrika.

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This book presents the first English translation of the Saho customary law
in Eritrea, with an introduction discussing the historical and
socio-cultural background of the Saho community and the role of
traditional conflict mediation in contemporary Eritrea. The law has a
strong communal character and rules both economic activities and social
life. It was orally transmitted from generation to generation and printed
in 1943, of which only one copy is known. It is based on local traditional
and Islamic law and its principles are respected up to the present day.
The volume is a significant contribution to the study of Eritrean
customary law, which presents an important cultural heritage.